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Inspirational fiction novels that will help make the world a better place to be.  If one snippet in one of my novels helps one person to learn how to better relate to someone, or deal with emotions, or face some painful aspect of their past and resolve  it, or become closer to God, then my books will change the world.  In a small tiny, way, bit by bit.  But that's the way the world will become a better place, by you and me, little by little, becoming a  better person.  I think people are influenced by what they read.  Sometimes that can be very direct and conscious, but I think it is often indirect and subconscious.  If you see one of my characters deal with intense anger and rage in a certain way, that will be imprinted in your mind, and maybe the next time you face that kind of anger, your mind may bring up the way he handled it.   More About Us Here

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I heard a suggestion that we interview our main characters.  I did and it was a most fun experience!  Click the link to read.

Book 1 - Take My Hand

An inspirational fiction novel:   

The man- Steve O'Shaughnessy- a handsome, single 30 year-old private investigator who owns and operates a successful business, but a  part of his past is carefully buried

The boy- Tommy- an 11 year-old homeless genius carrying alone the heavy burden of a horribly painful past

The story- Divine Providence throws the two tortured souls together and as their lives intertwine, they discover bonding, healing, a father/son love, and for Steve, a deepening faith 

The book is really talking to me.  It is making me ponder scars and emotions I have hidden from myself and others.   Chris R, Winnebago, MN

I don't usually read fiction, but Kathy's book had me hooked from the beginning.  A great read.   Dennis M., Duncansville, PA

And to entice you, or in case you're unsure, let me offer you FREE the first three chapters!  Just click the link to read.

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A bit on how this novel came about.    I had written a story some years back.  Just for me, for my own enjoyment.  Eventually I shared it, hesitantly, with an author friend.  She liked it.  I can't recall her exact wording, but let me know my story needed to become a book.  The Holy Spirit took over from there and eventually the novel came about.  I found editors and proof readers and did all of that.

I thought about this book a lot.  It helped me see what my writing was all about and why the Holy Spirit is inspiring me to write.  As I shared some of the early versions with people, I was astounded by some of the replies.  It was affecting people in very real ways.  "I never thought of things in that way."  "I usually don't read fiction, but this is really moving me."  "I am looking at some emotions I have kept hidden from myself and others."  I never expected any of that.  this was just a "story".  But I realized the story will affect people.  I think many people will be moved by/through it.

I wondered where all this came from.  I had a very normal typical childhood (born in 1954).  Stable, two parent family.  Not all peaches and cream, but basically a pretty healthy family, nothing like the characters in the novel.  So where did all that come from?  It was so easy to write- it just flowed.  Well, it came from the Holy Spirit, but I also realized it was based on emotions I had a s a child, emotions I think everyone has, as children, and adults, at various times in their lives.  It was easy to write because it was "me".  The circumstances of the story aren't mine, but the emotions are mine.  And probably yours.  That's part of what I think most folks find so appealing, even if they can't put their finger on why they like the book.

That also explains why it was hard for me, at first, to share my work.  It's me, on a  very deep and personal level.  (And you, too, probably.)  there's a real vulnerability that comes with opening yourself up - even if it's in  fiction novel.


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 When I first wrote this story, I didn’t have this intention in mind, but I have come to realize that this novel (and really all fiction books) can change the world.  If you read it and in some small way it helps you to better understand yourself or another, better relate to someone, if it teaches you how to deal with painful emotions or move on in life despite hardships, then in a tiny way I am changing the world.  One person at a time, in one small way.  That is powerful!

And so, for those interested, we have started an on-line book club/discussion group with the primary purpose of sharing how my novels and bits in them have affected you; and to consider the lessons the characters experience and how we might apply it to our own lives. This fits it with changing the world!  You can get the link at

I am also compiling a customer base/list.  This is for the purpose of letting you know about future books (I have two more mostly done in this “series”, plus ideas for more!)  I won’t sell or give your name to others, and I won’t send you dozens of emails (you’ll get very few).  As an added incentive to get on my list, I will send you FREE a short story about Steve.  Simply email me and ask for your free short story.